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Freak Fries, Totchos, and Butterbeer: The 9 Best Food Vendors At PNE 2019

PNE Fair 2019

Photo: Michelle Yin / 604 Now

One of Vancouver’s premiere events, the PNE, is back in full-swing, and we here at 604 Now have you covered for all things PNE Fair 2019.

With the wide assortment of attractions and the summer night concert series, there’s plenty of reasons to check out the PNE, either during one of their free admission and special discount days, or on us.

However, in between all those fun things to do, you have to eat!

Accordingly, here’s are some of the best food vendors at the PNE Fair 2019:

Jimmy’s Lunch Burger

JImmys Lunch Burger
Photo: Michelle Yin / 604 Now

If you’ve been to the PNE, you’ve probably come across Jimmy’s Lunch. They’re a staple of the PNE that have been around since 1929. That’s 90 years.

Founded by Jimmy Parsons, Jimmy’s Lunch has remained family-run across four generations of Parsons, and there’s no reason to believe that that will stop anytime soon.

They’re famous for their burgers, but perhaps even more so for the seductive smell of frying onions

Butter Beer Ice Cream

Butter Beer Ice Cream PNE Fair 2019
Photo: Michelle Yin / 604 Now

You don’t have to visit Hogsmeade to get some Butterbeer.

This butterbeer doesn’t, unfortunately, have beer in it, but to make up for that, it comes as soft-serve ice cream, which might actually be better.

“Magical”, would be an apt word to describe it.


Photo: Michelle Yin / 604 Now

Tater tots.



The Pulled Pork Totchos are packed with fresh ingredients like pico de gallo (salsa fresca), cheese, and cilantro.

The Totchos also come in Chicken Tanga, and Vegetarian (with deep-fried avocado) flavours.

These little tasty bowls serve as a great appetizer or snack and are a unique twist on Mexican street food is drawing a lot of interest.


neFAIRious PNE Fair 2019
Photo: Michelle Yin / 604 Now

Imagine working at the PNE’s parking lot, and then years later returning as a food vendor.

That’s the case with Anthony Frustagli, who’s now with Parallel 49. Their newest beer, called “neFAIRious”, is a light beer made with Mexican yeast, so you can down a couple and still enjoy the rest of the fair.

Tipsy Unicorn

Tipsy Unicorn PNE
Photo: Michelle Yin / 604 Now

And located in the same booth, the Revel District Cerveza Bar, you’ll find some more alcholic beverages with some eye-catching colours.

Like vodka? Have you tried bright-orange vodka? What about cerulean-blue vodka?

Fear not, because Tipsy Unicorn has both, in mango and blue-raspberry flavours.

Corn Dog King

Cheese Ramen Dog
Photo: Michelle Yin / 604 Now

Corn Dog King, brought to you by NextGen Concessions, is kind of known for coming up with fresh food creations.

Around since 1969, Corn Dog King’s newest creation is the Ramen Noodle Corn Dog, which they made to take advantage of the ramen craze.

The classics tend to always out-sell their new creations, but this latest creation has even surpassed the Corn Dog King classics at various fairs this year.

Rick’s Pizza

Pickle Rick PNE Fair 2019
Photo: Michelle Yin / 604 Now

Yet another multi-generational fair family, Rick’s Pizza has been on the fair circuit for almost 30 years. From Florida, Rick’s Pizza is often present at fairs like the PNE, CNE, and several big fairs in the United States.

They have a very interesting selection of pizzas, some sweet, some savoury, some perhaps even both. One that is worth-trying and is drawing a lot of buzz this year: dill pickle pizza (pictured above).

Freak Fries

Freak Fries
Photo: Michelle Yin / 604 Now

There’s fries, and then there’s freak fries.

It’s probably pretty obvious why they’re called “Freak Fries”, so we’ll just tell you that they come in 6 different flavours:

  • Chipotle Mayo;
  • Garlic Parmesan (Pictured);
  • Sour Cream & Cheese;
  • Butter Chicken;
  • Ranch & Bacon; and
  • Chocolate.

Ran by Raj Panchal and his sister, Freak Fries is making their PNE, and North America, debut.

That means that this year’s PNE is literally the only place where you can get your hands, and mouths, on these freakish fries.

Rice Burger

Rice Burger PNE Fair 2019
Photo: Michelle Yin / 604 Now

Jackson Uppal, the owner of Rice Burger, has a funny origin story.

According to him, a friend of his presented him with a burger, telling him to take a bite. He had no idea what it was. “It’s a rice burger”, his friend said.

He took a bite, thought it was amazing, and when his friend asked him if he wanted to start a business, he immediately agreed. Within a few months, they were open for business.

And now they’re at the PNE, with Beef Teriyaki and Chicken Katsu rice burgers.

For some of the most exciting things to do at the PNE Fair 2019, check out our PNE Bucket List!


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