20 Hazy Photos From The 420 Vancouver ‘Protest’ At Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

An estimated forty thousand people gathered together on Friday at the annual Vancouver 4/20 celebration at Sunset Beach in the West End.

The event has grown to become very popular, but also sees heavy criticism.

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In fact, the area sustained so much damage during last year’s protest that the Sunset Beach Park was closed for weeks. Further, the City of Vancouver spent roughly $245,000 on extensive repairs and costs after the 2017 event.

Earlier this morning, the Vancouver Park Board announced the field at Sunset Beach will be closed for up to ten weeks due to damages.

For those who didn’t attend, this is what the protest looked like through Instagram:

Didn’t like 420.

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✌️💕🌿 #vancouver #sunsetbeach #420

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It was a #hazy and #rainy day #420 #yvr

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Look at this beauty

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take my shoes and walk a mile something you can’t do #420

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Happy 420 #vancouver420 #bongs #blunts #jonts

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Good vibes 🇨🇦🔝

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