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Annual Vancouver 4/20 Rally Costs Soar To $245,379 for 2017

4/20 Vancouver

Photo: danna § curious tangles / Flickr

By doubling up locations, the annual 4/20 marijuana protests in Vancouver set taxpayers back a total of $245,379 for 2017.

The staggering expense is nearly $100,000 more than last year ($148,000), and 2015 ($92,500) when the event was held at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

According to the City of Vancouver, costs include fire and police departments, sanitation, traffic management, and emergency management.

Majority of the cost was spent on policing, which the city claims was $170,670 for Sunset Beach and the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Between the two locations, the Sunset Beach event cost $170,005, and the Vancouver Art Gallery event cost $75,374.

In a release, the city states that these total costs don’t include BC Ambulance Service, Vancouver Coastal Health, or regular staff wages. The city adds that neither of the two events were sanctioned by the city or Vancouver Park Board.

4/20 Attendance

The two 4/20 events reportedly attracted 40,000 people this year.

Following the event, the Vancouver Park Board closed Sunset field for multiple weeks due to damage. During the closure, crews collected up to six thousand pounds of trash. Volunteers from 4/20 also contributed efforts to the clean-up.

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