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Thousands Sign Petition Urging BC To Close Provincial Border and Create a “Bubble”

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British Columbians are petitioning to the government to have the provincial border closed to create a ‘bubble’.

The petition calls for all non-essential travel from outside B.C. to be banned for one month. It already has 5,000 signatures. 


The request in the petition is to ban all recreational travel in efforts to avoid transmission of COVID-19 and circulating the new variants. Signers share a concern that there are people from Ontario and other provinces vacationing in B.C.

Christian Stapff, who started the petition, made the plea, “Mr. Horgan it is imperative that you close the border — for one month — to non-essential air, ground and sea traffic and quarantine travellers so COVID-19 can be contained and stopped.”

Horgan had previously announced that he was seeking legal advice towards an inter-provincial travel ban. That decision has not come to light as of yet.

There is some concern, however, from the Tourism Industry Association of BC. They have suggested that there isn’t data to support the need to close provincial borders and that a quarantine requirement may be the solution instead.

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