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People Are Heartbroken Over The Broken White Rock Pier

White Rock Pier

Photo: @psymediumleanda / Twitter

The White Rock Pier has been damaged and people are absolutely heartbroken.

On Thursday, December 20th, boats, strong winds and pounding waves tore apart the historic pier located at 15322 White Rock Promenade.

During the madness, one person found himself trapped on the pier as strong winds and powerful waves continued to pound the dock.

Police explored multiple options to rescue the stranded person, but eventually called in a helicopter to snatch him up.


White Rock’s historic pier was originally built in 1914 as a dock for the coastal steamships that arrived when the Great Northern Railway began operation.

The popular tourist attraction stretched out 470m (1542 ft.) into the ocean and was always busy with huge crowds.

Here’s how people reacted online to its unfortunate demise.





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