Parq Vancouver: What To Know Before You Go

Parq Vancouver

After a long period of high anticipation, Parq Vancouver opens its doors for its grand opening celebration.

Around 11pm on Friday, September 29th, the establishment will have a celebratory “first roll of the dice” in the casino.

PHOTOS: First Look Inside Parq Vancouver’s Restaurants, Bars, and Hotel

With 75 gaming tables, 600 slot machines, a poker room and 11 exclusive salons for private games, the Casino is sure to impress. Also, floor-to-ceiling windows promise bountiful amounts of natural light will enter the casino, making for a more comfortable experience. It will also have two very exquisite hotels.

There are a couple of things to note before heading to the venue, however.

First, Parq Vancouver is holding its opening celebration tomorrow, but don’t depend on being able to stay overnight at either of the attached hotels. Rooms won’t be available for reservation until late October, so you’ll need alternative plans.


Second, if you are planning to eat while you enjoy your time at Parq, you should familiarize yourself with the options beforehand. With so many incredible options to choose from, it would be a shame to miss out on a favorite delicacy because you didn’t know what was available.

Parq Vancouver Restaurants, Bars & Lounges

Parq Vancouver

Photo: Parq Vancouver

Honey Salt

This farm-to-table restaurant is brought to you by Las Vegas-based chef restaurateurs, Elizabeth Blau and Kim Canteenwalla. Kim is originally from Canada, and celebrates the bounty of British Columbia in locally and regionally sourced cuisine. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


This mouth-watering eatery takes the dining experience to another level with table-side peking duck carving, tea pouring, and an in-house tea sommelier. The teas are not just any tea, either. They have divine offerings that range from $6 to $72 a pot. The elegant restaurant emphasizes Cantonese cuisine, and is named after the year that Vancouver’s Chinatown first emerged.

Market East

As a more casual dining experience, Market East takes inspiration from Singapore’s food market. It offers its own bubble tea, and has a Chinese pastry stand. Their menu features Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Thai, Singaporean, and Vietnamese favourites.

Lotus Whiskey and Tea Lounge

This delightful lounge serves a variety of exotic loose-leaf teas during the day in a comfortable and peaceful environment. As night falls the menu flips to serve whiskey, scotch and bourbon. Bottoms up!

The Victor

Hoping to influence the success of our local teams, “The Victor” serves a variety of entrees inspired by the Pacific Northwest. With a focus on seafood and steak, the restaurant offers exquisite views of the ocean and downtown Vancouver.

Parq Vancouver

Photo: Parq Vancouver

BC Kitchen

With comfort foods and an expansive select of regional and import beer, this establishment is sure to stay packed. Its entrance is right near BC Place, and they even allow you to use their 24-hour pick-up window if you want to eat at home or on the road.

The Centre Bar

A showstopping chandelier takes centre stage at this social hub located on the casino’s second floor. It offers a wide selection of mouthwatering cocktails, spirits, wine, and beer.

D6 Bar & Lounge

This hip venue has indoor and outdoor spaces, and the rooftop location has dramatic views of the city. It is sure to become a coveted destination for late night parties and celebrations. It also has a secret lounge behind a bookcase that makes you feel like you are playing the game Clue.

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