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Fast and Luxurious: Richmond To Debut Supercar Condominium (Video)

A new development in Richmond will be the new location of many Metro Vancouver resident’s most prized possessions – the luxury supercar.


TROVE is the first supercar condominium to come to British Columbia. Located  at 13571 Sparwoood Place, at Knight Street and New Westminster Highway, it will potentially hold over $100 million worth of luxury vehicles. Once complete, the massive development will hold 45 large individual units.

As the supercar capital of North America, Vancouverites have more luxury cars per capita than virtually anywhere else. Business insider states that, “According to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia there are more than 2,000 vehicles registered in Vancouver with a cost of $150,000 or greater.  There is one supercar per 615 people in Vancouver. The frequency rises to one per 577 people in Richmond and one per 142 people in West Vancouver. There are 980 luxury cars in Vancouver with almost one third located in West Vancouver and an equal number in Richmond.”

Luxury Supercar Condominium Amenities

With these figures in mind, it isn’t hard to see why an impressive 64% of the units are already reserved.

Each unit ranges from 1,000-2,500 sq ft, and gives owners the opportunity to design their unit to their individual taste.



Alternatively, owners may also choose one of four elegant designs for their unit that are inspired by major car capitals throughout the world. Each unit comes equipped with high-speed internet, air conditioning, 19ft. ceilings, sprinkler system, high-efficiency bright light system and more.

Members also have access to the exclusive TROVE club, which includes a beautiful lounge, kitchen, and dining area. It also includes an outdoor patio.

As a two storey building, owners on the second level use a heavy-lift elevator to access the floor. Major precautions are taken to ensure that owners need not worry about the security of their vehicles, either. Some of these measures include reinforced concrete block walls between each unit, gated security entrance, camera surveillance, and remote key fobs.

Full completion of the project is set for spring of 2019.

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