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Over 100 People Travelled From Vancouver To Hawaii This Past Weekend

vacation Vancouver to Hawaii

Photo: @fitzmac / Flickr

Despite recent travel restrictions, it appears that more than 100 people flew from Vancouver to Hawaii on Friday and Saturday.

The new restrictions on travel include showing a negative PCR test before boarding a flight into Canada, as well as a newly announced mandatory hotel quarantine at the traveller’s expense.

The same day Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the new hotel quarantine measure and that Air Canada, WestJet, Sunwing and Air Transat would be cancelling flights to Mexico and the Caribbean, 62 people left for Hawaii from Vancouver that Friday alone.

The said cancelled flights are in effect until April 30th. However, Hawaii has still been accepting Canadian travellers into the state as part of the Safe Travels Program.

As a result, many have been found travelling from Vancouver to Hawaii, even authoritative figures.

It’s thought that with these new mandates the number of travellers going to Hawaii will go down.

A travel expert, Claire Newell, says that many travel bookings already fell dramatically after Jan. 7 when the federal government made it law that anyone coming into Canada had to have a negative COVID test. In fact, airlines did report over 50,000 flight cancellations that week.

Newell expects that the cost alone of the tests needed, as well as the hotel quarantine will be a big deterrent to travel moving forward.


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