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This 1908 North Vancouver Heritage Home Is Being Offered For Free, With A Catch

Heritage Home 1908 for free

Photo: North Shore Heritage

A 1908 heritage home in North Vancouver is up for grabs and it’s completely free for the house itself.

North Shore heritage advocates are hoping someone will take the property off their hands, in order to save it from demolition.

Copper House backyard
Photo: North Shore Heritage

The area where it stands is the future spot of a new duplex. So if no one takes ownership of the Copper Cottage, the developers may demolish it.

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The 1,800-square-foot home is free for anyone who wants it, but that’s providing they have the land to put it on, meaning you’ll have to pick it up and move it new land.

“It’s a simple house but it’s cute – well maintained. And it would be super ideal as a laneway house,” said Jennifer Clay, vice-president of North Shore Heritage to Richmond News.

Copper House sitting area
Photo: North Shore Heritage

Sitting at 336 East Ninth St., the house was originally built for a butcher’s family and clearly reflects architecture of the time.

In 2013, the City of North Vancouver awarded its previous owner with a heritage improvement award for their ongoing maintenance.

“A full-width verandah with square columns and open balustrades distinguish this simple yet charming cottage,” the statement on the register reads.

Copper House living room
Photo: North Shore Heritage

Although the house itself is free, there are many hoops to jump through first. With the cost of foundation work, permits, utility costs etc., moving the house will likely cost about $100,000. But it’s still cheaper than buying a house in Vancouver.

Copper House Kitchen
Photo: North Shore Heritage

Value-wise, it’s somewhere between the most expensive mansion in Metro Vancouver and the neighbourhood of homes in Sechelt that were recently valued at $2.

So, if you’re interested in taking the heritage home off the city’s hands, contact North Shore Heritage.

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