New Exhibit With 22 Roaring Tail-swaying Dinosaurs May Be Coming To Vancouver

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If you love dinosaurs, have kids that want to take a trip back to the Jurassic, or just need something exciting to look forward to, this new exhibit may be for you.

Dinosaur World has started murmurs of an exhibit coming to Vancouver this fall. The exhibitors Facebook page says that Dinosaur World Vancouver will take place from October 28 to November 1, 2021.

Although dates have been released, there are not a lot of other details at the moment.

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What is Dinosaur World?

Dinosaur World is an American chain of dinosaur themed parks throughout the United States with locations in Florida, Kentucky and Texas. The parks feature 150 life-size dinosaurs, hosts a number of family friendly activities, playgrounds and more. The dinosaurs themselves are blinking, tail-swaying, roaring, breathing animatronic creatures from prehistoric times.

In Vancouver, the exhibit promises 22 of these moving and roaring dinosaurs displays from the 3 eras: Jurassic period, Triassic period, and Cretaceous period.

dinosaurs vancouver

Photo: @dinosaur-world-vancouver-bc / Facebook

Dinosaur World Vancouver

Organizers are expected to share details in the coming weeks, including the event’s venue and ticket info.

The Facebook page indicates that it will be an outdoor event and will include the following dinosaurs: 20m Brachiosaurus, 15m Tyrannosaurus Rex, 10m Triceratops amongst others in a walk-through set-up. There will also be family focused activities.

Ticket prices will range from $18 (for kids) to $30 (for adults). Both early-bird and group pricing will be available.

dinosaurs vancouver

Photo: @dinosaur_world_vancouver_bc / Facebook

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