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One Of A Kind Da Vinci Art Experience Is Coming To Vancouver This Summer

da vinci experience

Photo: Sensea Immersive

An exclusive Leonardo da Vinci art exhibit is coming for the first time ever to Canada, and will be opening in Delta this summer.

Known for his art, inventions, and conspiracy theories (thanks Dan Brown), Da Vinci is one of the world’s most well-known artist, inventor, and innovator of the Renaissance era.

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da vinci experience
Photo: Sensea Immersive

The new exhibit “Da Vinci Experience” has only ever been showcased once in Europe, and will provide a unique one of a kind opportunity for the public to walk through the life and studio of Leonardo da Vinci.

The event is scheduled to open on June 28th, and will take place at Tsawwassen Mills Mall in Delta.

About the Exhibit

Guests can expect much more than a visual walk-through of the artist’s paintings. There will be multiple rooms featuring different aspects of the artist’s life.

da vinci experience
Photo: Sensea Immersive

Starting with an opportunity to take photos and analyze some of Da Vinci’s most famous works, like the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper and the Vitruvian Man. Followed by actual replicas of some of his inventions and machines.

da vinci experience
Photo: Sensea Immersive

There will also be two immersive experiences. This includes a 360 degree projection of over 250 HD images of his original works, and a virtual reality experience where visitors can actually interact with his works.

da vinci experience
Photo: @lugano,region / IG

Designed to be COVID safe, tickets will be for specific time slots and the event in general will be confirming to PHO recommendations.

Regular price tickets are $29.99 + tax for Mon-Thurs time slots, and $25.99 + tax for Fri-Sun. Special rates are available for children, seniors, and families. The Da Vinci VR experience is available as an add-on, and can be purchased on-site purchases for an additional $3.

So mark your calendars art lovers – this is a must see event this summer.

Da Vinci Experience

When: June 29th – August 31st, 2021

Where: Tsawwassen Mills Shopping Mall – 5000 Canoe Pass Way, Delta, BC

Tickets: Available online.


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