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Metro Vancouver is Adding New Speed Cameras to 8 Intersections This Month

Vancouver adds 8 new speed cameras

Photo: waferboard / Flickr

Metro Vancouver is adding new speed cameras at eight intersections this month, to help bust speeders.

This is part of the B.C. government’s 2018 initiative to install cameras at 35 of the province’s most dangerous intersections.

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The city installed five of those speed cameras in Vancouver last summer, with more added throughout the year. And they have proven to be effective in catching speeders.

The number of speeding tickets have nearly tripled in the last half of 2019, statistics show.

From July to September 2019, 2,370 speeding tickets were issued at the five cameras installed last summer.

From October to December, the number of tickets rose to 7,353 – during a period where there was now 15 speed cameras.

Fines for speeding in B.C. vary from $138-$483, depending on the location and how fast you’re going.

The provincial government intends to have all 35 speed cameras in place by March.

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