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New Report Identifies Most Dangerous Intersections In Metro Vancouver

Most Dangerous Intersections In Metro Vancouver

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New ICBC data is drawing attention to some of the most dangerous intersections in Metro Vancouver.

In this particular case, the data is regarding vehicle-pedestrian incidents, not vehicle-vehicle incidents.

CBC News mapped out the data, but here they are, along with the number of incidents that have occurred there between 2013 and 2017.

The Most Dangerous Intersections In Metro Vancouver

  1. Main Street & East Hastings Street (Vancouver, 35)
  2. Lougheed Highway & North Road (Burnaby/Coquitlam, 21)
  3. Kingsway & Victoria Drive (Vancouver, 20)
  4. 104th Avenue & King George Boulevard (Surrey, 20)
  5. 128th Street & 96 Avenue (Surrey, 19)
  6. Burrard Street & Davie Street (Vancouver, 17)
  7. 120th Street & 72nd Avenue (Surrey, 17)
  8. No. 3 Road & Granville Avenue (Richmond, 16)
  9. Cambie Street & West 41st Avenue (Vancouver, 16)
  10. 120th Street & 80th Avenue (Surrey, 16)

As CBC News describes, part of the reason why these intersections are so dangerous for pedestrians is infrastructure and design.

For example, Lougheed Highway and North Road, 2nd on the list, do not intersect at 90° angles. That could result in sight-lines drivers, and pedestrians, may not be used to and familiar with.

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Some municipalities have taken action to reduce incidents in these locations. In addition, other modifications suggested include longer crosswalk times, reduced-speed signs, and better lighting.

As highlighted by CBC News, ICBC data shows that an average of 51 people in British Columbia die every year while crossing the street.

In a case that got garnered significant media coverage this October, a 24-year-old woman was hit by a car and then dragged. The driver is suspected to have been under the influence, but the accident occurred in none other than Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

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