Love Is Gross: How To Be Anti-Valentine’s In Vancouver This Year

Anti-Valentine's day

Like Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer once said, “love stinks.” But that doesn’t mean we have to sulk, while eating Valentine’s Day chocolates by ourselves on the couch.

At least wait for the post-Valentine’s chocolate discount, people! But no, this year you’re going to make the most of the holiday, by celebrating Anti-Valentine’s Day.

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So, if you’re against swooning on February 14th, here’s our guide to Anti-Valentine’s events in Vancouver:

Broken Heartless: an Anti-Valentine’s Drag Show

On Thursday, February 13th, head to Chilliwack for a night of drag, with five entertainers performing for the community’s biggest drag show yet. And most importantly, as they say, “the most important thing about drag shows (is) the more you drink the prettier we look!” Check it out at the Main Street Nightclub.

The Anxiety Show, Ep 18 – F*$% Valentine’s Day!

The Anxiety Show is starting things early, with a performance Sunday, February 2nd. This alternative comedy show is specifically not for people who “grew up with healthy boundaries, emotional self-regulation, and balanced communication.” This show explores all the anxiety and negativity you may have about February 14th, through comedy. Bonus: it’s by donation.

Tinder Tales – A Not-So-Valentine’s Show

Q: What’s less romantic than hooking up with someone you met on Tinder? A: A show that makes fun of those countless awful dates. Tinder Tales is a comedy series, but on Wednesday, February 5th, they’re premiering Tinder Tales / Story Story Lie at the Rio Theatre. On this night, five comedians will share unreal stories of digital dating. If you can spot which one is a liar, you can win.

And if you’re in Victoria, you can the Tinder Tales show on Friday, February 14th.

Trees Coffee Anti-Valentine’s Day

This free event is happening on Valentine’s Day and is a night for those with no romantic plans. Join three local musicians for a night of “love songs, unrequited love songs and everything in between.” The free event encourages everyone to “stuff our feelings with delicious dessert and scrumptious hot beverages.”

But if none of those are your thing and you genuinely love Valentine’s Day, then do go out and celebrate love in all its cheesy glory. Check out our guide of pro-Valentine’s events in Vancouver.

Otherwise, here’s what you can catch on Netflix next month to go alongside your (hopefully) discounted chocolate.

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