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Couple Exposed Trying To Steal RCMP Bait Car In Metro Vancouver (VIDEO)

RCMP Bait Car

Photo: IMPACT - BC's Auto Crime Police / YouTube

On Wednesday, a video of thieves trying to steal an RCMP bait car in Metro Vancouver was shared on social media.

IMPACT – BC Auto Crime Police shared the video on Twitter of a couple trying to steal a car in Langley.


The video, which dates back to 2010, shows a couple attempting to steal a car and then trying to sell the laptop they found inside.

The woman make a phone call to “get rid” of the laptop.

“Hello? Hey! We’ve got an IBM laptop can you umm, try and make some calls to get rid of it”.

After the woman says that the car is in “really good condition”, it all goes downhill for the thieves as the cops begin to follow them.

“Oh my God! Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God!” exclaims the woman. “Ahhh Jesus. Sh*t we’re done!”

The couple proceeds to turn into a driveway, but are stopped by police. As the driver realizes what’s going on, he jumps into the backseat and the couple makes one last effort to get out of the mess.

““Please officer, we just got a ride here from this guy and now he just took off!”

Unfortunately for the thieves, the officer told them that they had stolen an RCMP bait car.

You can watch the full video below:

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