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Local Woman Held As Trapped “Hostage” In Taxi Over $15 Fare

Taxi Coquitlam

Photo: Guilhem Vellut / Flcikr

A Coquitlam woman said a taxi driver held her “hostage,” when she realized she had left her wallet at home.

Carly Musgrave said she took a Bel-Air Taxi to work Monday morning, only to realize upon arrival that she wasn’t able to pay.

Musgrave told Global News that she offered to E-transfer the funds, but the driver declined. She then told him she’d ask her coworkers to lend her cash to pay.

However, the driver wouldn’t let her out of the car without leaving her phone behind, presumably as temporary collateral, but she said she was uncomfortable leaving it behind over a $15 fare.

“So I went to step out of the cab to go into my office to see if someone would lend me cash to pay for my cab, and he got very angry, pulled out of the parking spot,” she said. “(The) door was open, my foot was on the ground. I could hear my foot scraping across the ground as he was pulling this U-turn.”

Once the door was closed, Musgrave said the driver locked the windows and doors and started driving without telling her where they were going.

She added she called 911 while in the cab.


Coquitlam Taxi Company Tells a Different Story

The taxi company said the event did not happen the way Musgrave explained.

The driver had asked for collateral, confirmed Bel-Air assistant manager Harry Dhaliwal. But when Musgrave refused, he decided to drive her home to get her wallet. Musgrave said the driver never mentioned where he was taking her.

Dhaliwal also mentioned the driver locked the doors because Musgrave was trying to leave the vehicle while he was driving. He locked the doors to keep her safe, said Dhaliwal.

The incident ended with speaking to Port Moody Police, which Dhaliwal said the driver soughtout. Musgrave however said she’d seen the cops and waved them down.

“Long story short of it was that the female passenger did not have correct funds to pay for the fare. An argument ensued between the two and she had wanted to exit the vehicle,” said Const. Jason Maschke. “However, it was unsafe to do so at that particular location. So that was essentially what the argument was over is that the driver didn’t feel safe.”

Musgrave said she is especially anxious for Rideshare services to begin, as Bel-Air is the only taxi company that serves her area.

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