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Should ICBC Enforce Re-testing On BC Drivers?

ICBC / BC Drivers

A recent online test by ICBC revealed some rather unsettling facts about BC’s drivers.

Not only are there a number of misconceptions about important rules, but nearly half of drivers would fail a Learner’s permit test.

What’s more, the insurance provider stated that an all-time high of 350,000 automobile crashes took place in 2017. According to statistics, the total number of accidents is up 6% from 2016 and is 25% higher than 2014.

While It attributes distraction, speed and aggressive driving habits to this staggering figure, a lack of knowledge may play a key role in why there are so many accidents.

Consequently, many people feel that the provider should hold mandatory re-testing in order to prevent accidents in the future.

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Currently, a driver with no crashes could pay the same premium as one with three at-fault crashes in a year. As a result, the provider has proposed a number of changes to its basic insurance premiums that encourage safe driving.

The provider adds that the prosed changes to its basic insurance premiums will benefit two thirds of drivers. Moreover, they say that the changes move to a driver-based model. As such, at-fault crashes are tied to the driver and not the person who owns the vehicle.

As a result of these issues, people have started an online petition in favour of ending ICBC. It already has 18,752 signatures.


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