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ICBC Recorded A Staggering 350,000 Crashes In 2017


On Tuesday, July 17th, ICBC reported that an all-time high of 350,000 automobile crashes took place in 2017. ICBC attributes distraction, speed and aggressive driving habits to this staggering figure.

These crashes in 2017 cost ICBC $4.8 billion in claims.

According to ICBC statistics, the total number of accidents is up 6% from 2016 and is 25% higher than 2014.

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Lindsay Matthews, interim Vice President, pointed out that their figures translate to 960 crashes per day on average.

Matthews said that the public insurer knows that drivers with less experience have more crashes and that more than 60% of crashes take place at intersections.

Likewise, she also mentioned that ICBC will be focusing on the less serious crashes that contributes to the 350,000 total and the bad habits that drivers have developed on our roads.


New Rules

The public insurer has slowly implemented new rules that may curve these high figures and the rising cost of claims.

Starting on April 1, 2019, the Government of British Columbia will pay a maximum of $5,500 for pain and suffering following a crash.

The NDP announced that these changes will result in a reduction costs for costs by more than $1 billion per year.

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