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Get Acquainted With Pro Wrestlers; The Voros Twins

The Voros Twins

Move over Bella Twins because Vancouver has its very own gym-loving and hairspray-consuming identical duo! The Voros Twins grew up wrestling fans and are now pursuing their dreams as sports entertainers. Chris and Patrick take pride on being the coolest tag team in the ring by working hard and connecting with fans. When they’re not in the ring or the gym they’re all over social media interacting with fans and vlogging their professional wrestling career.

Recently they have auditioned for WWE Tough Enough for their chance to earn a WWE contract. The Voros twins took a minute from training for 604 Now to share what it’s like to be in the ring:

Did you guys break a lot of furniture growing up?

We remember breaking the boards in our beds all the time with wrestling moves, putting holes in walls, knocking shelves over and pretty much causing destruction wherever we went aha!


Was there ever a Plan B if busting heads in the ring didn’t work out?

Right now there is no plan B! Will Smith once said “There’s no reason to have a plan B because it’ll distract you from plan A” and we 100% agree with the very wise Will Smith!


How did you pursue professional wrestling as a career?

We always liked pro-wrestling but didn’t think it was an option because everyone was “supposed to go college”. We tried college but it didn’t fulfill us and felt there was more to life than just a boring job. In summer 2013 we saw a red haired pro wrestler-looking guy dancing around in the gym and thought he was so cool but we didn’t say anything to him and didn’t know he was a wrestler until we were randomly watching ECCW (a wrestling company in Vancouver) videos on YouTube! We found out the Red Haired Guy at the gym was former ECCW Champion Ravenous Randy! He told us ECCW is starting their wrestling school up and we should definitely drop by and check it out! It was then that becoming pro wrestlers wasn’t this imaginary dream but could be a reality! We always wanted a career where we can entertain audiences, plus since we’re identical twins we wanted to have a career that we can do together, so making our goal to be in the WWE is a no brainer!


The Voros Twins

Was there ever a Plan B if busting heads in the ring didn’t work out?

Right now there is no plan B! Will Smith once said “There’s no reason to have a plan B because it’ll distract you from plan A” and we 100% agree with the very wise Will Smith!

What does it mean to be a sports entertainer?

Wrestling is way more than just wrestling now, its sports entertainment! Being a Sports Entertainer means you don’t just have to be good wrestler you have to do so much more! To us it’s the way you carry yourself and to have a personality in and out of the ring. It’s about making sure that the people, whether they pay to see you or ask for an autograph, leave entertained!


How do you use social media to complement your brand?

Our main focus right now is Instagram @vorostwins. It’s super important because without a way of communicating what we do daily, no one would know what we’re doing. We try to show as much of our fascinating day as possible and that way people can be more emotionally invested in us! We also get to communicate and interact with people who support us so it’s a win-win!


What is your most memorable match so far?

It would have to be in the Cloverdale Agriplex teaming with Ravenous Randy and Andy the Dreadful Bird, because not only was it the biggest crowd we have wrestled for but we had our family and friends there as well! Plus we won the match and ended up silly stringing our opponent in the middle of the ring! How fun does that sound!?


The Voros Twins

Who are your wrestling idols?

Ravenous Randy and BollyWood Boyz from ECCW among others and in WWE we always like Dolph Ziggler, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, The Miz, Jeff Hardy, and the Usos!


What was your favourite era or events of mainstream wrestling?

Right now WWE is so good! It’s the best it’s ever been! You got fresh new guys working their way up the roster but still have guys putting on entertaining matches who have been there for years! Nowadays we see the WWE Superstars’ lives backstage, at home, and just about everywhere, making them a lot more relatable. There’s also the WWE Network and all the social media accounts!  What a time to be alive!


What advice would you give to someone passionate about pursuing wrestling?

Just go for it! The hardest part of becoming a wrestler is to make the decision to be a wrestler! Understand that there will be bumps, bruises, setbacks and everything in between but with hard work and persistence you can reach your dreams! O ya, and don’t take yourself too seriously! Wrestling is supposed to be fun!


Photo credit: @vorostwins
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Interview by Amar Mirchandani

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