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VIDEO: Someone In Abbotsford Went Boating In a Flooded Ditch By a Submerged Car

abbotsford boat flood

Photo: @dutchmancrazy / tiktok

When all the roads are flooded making transportation a challenge, this person took to their speedboat.

Video captured someone using their boat to navigate around the Highway 1 area in Abbotsford during yesterday’s extreme flood situation. The boat is seen zooming along the highway, even passing a submerged vehicle.

It’s not everyday you see something like this.


Commenters quickly took to the video to discuss their entertainment. Labeled as “Winner for this year’s flooding,” you can be the judge.

@dutchmancrazyHe knows what’s up#foryoupage #fyp #flooding #flooded #hwy1 #Abbotsford #britshcolumbia #boating #boatlife #trending♬ Я буду ебать – MOREART

Here’s What People Are Saying

During what was a stressful sight, the boater provided some much needed smiles it appears.

Photo: @dutchmancrazy / tiktok
Photo: @dutchmancrazy / tiktok
Photo: @dutchmancrazy / tiktok
Photo: @dutchmancrazy / tiktok

The boater “Broken Promises” commented as well.

Photo: @dutchmancrazy / tiktok



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