Discover One Of BC’s Most Majestic Waterfalls Along This Stunning Hike

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Emperor Falls

There are a number of beautiful water features in BC; however, Emperor Falls is truly awe-inspiring.

For one, the majestic waterfall towers an impressive 150 feet high. What’s more, its cascading flow strikes the cliff face below, which creates a breathtaking spray.

Located in the Rocky Mountains, the falls are set against a stunning backdrop. Specifically, Mount Robson soars directly behind it, piercing the sky with its sharp, triangular peak. The highest peak in the rockies, it looks particularly magnificent juxtaposed against the crashing rapids below.

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Emperor Falls

Mount Robson Provincial Park is a highly sought after campground. Of course, the area surrounding the falls is truly magnificent. Further, there’s over 217,000 hectares of mostly undisturbed wilderness available. As such, wildlife populations are allowed to ebb and flow with minimal intervention by humans.

The stunning area is home to myriad wildlife including: Mule and Whitetail Deer, Moose, Elk, Black and Grizzly Bear, Caribou, Mountain Goat and Mountain Sheep.

In addition, many people like to hike in the area. Open year-round, the Berg Lake trail may be reserved from June 17th to September 17th. Covering 23 kilometres and climbing 800 metres, it offers scenic views of waterfallsturquoise-coloured lakes as well as icebergs.

To get to the falls, you hike along the Berg Lake trail for approximately 15 km. Along the trail, you’ll gain about 2500 feet of elevation and encounter the waterfall.

Advanced preparation is required for both the Berg Lake trail because of the type of backcountry experience involved. Further, the limited facilities offered on these adventures ensure a true wilderness experience, so visitors need to be prepared and self-sufficient.

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