Costco Customers Will Now Be Asked To Wear a Mask in Canadian Locations


Costco Canada is one of the latest stores to ask customers to wear a mask before entering.

The warehouse store made the announcement this week, based on public health experts’ recommendations.

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However, they added that “the use of a mask or face covering should not be seen as a substitute for social distancing.”

Costco had previously implemented other measures to ensure safety for both staff and customers. In April, they began limiting the number of people who come in on one membership to just two people.

While Costco Canada is reinforcing the face covering rule now, U.S. stores introduced the mandate for American customers in early May.

“We know some members may find this inconvenient or objectionable, but under the circumstances we believe the added safety is worth any inconvenience. This is not simply a matter of personal choice; a face covering protects not just the wearer, but others too,” read an earlier statement.

The recommendation to wear masks applies to anyone over the age of two-years-old.

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