Cineplex Introduces New Multi-Sensory Theatre Rooms To Select Cities In Canada

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Cineplex just opened its immersive, multi-sensory theatre, so you can feel like you’re inside the movie.

The 4DX and ScreenX experiences recently opened in a handful of theatres across Canada.

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Cineplex is partnering with South Korean entertainment technology, CJ 4DPLEX. And its CEO JongRyul Kim said he is excited for the expansion.

“Cineplex guests will love these experiences [by watching films of genres] from action to horror, comedy and animation, enhanced for a uniquely entertaining, immersive theatre-going experience,” said Kim.

These screens go past 3D, with motion-synchronized vibrating seats. But it also incorporates things you can see, feel and smell.

So, during your viewing, you may feel breezes, mist, fog and other senses to emulate wind, rain and snow to lightning and bubbles.

The ScreenX auditoriums give a panoramic view, where the screen extends to the sides of the room.

By the end of this year, there will be seven theatres across Canada. Most will not be in British Columbia, except the Scotiabank Theatre in Vancouver, which will be one of the early adopters of the ScreenX technology.

So, are you excited to watch a movie with this Cineplex experience?

Until then, maybe check out a live production in Vancouver.

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