Vancouver’s Getting It’s Very Own Totoro Themed ‘Cat Forest Cafe’

Catoro Cafe

If thought Vancouver’s first Catfe was a popular hit, wait until you hear about the new ‘mysterious cat forest’ themed cafe.

Catoro Cafe describes itself as “an escape from society and from everyday worries”.

The vision for Catoro Cafe is for it to not only be a place where you come to find a cat for yourself, but instead, a magical destination where you want to spend hours visiting again and again.

Catoro Cafe will be located at 666 East Broadway in Vancouver, just minutes away from Commercial Skytrain station.

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Catoro Cafe Inspiration

The concept for Catoro Cafe is based on the 1980’s Japanese animation “My Neighbour Totoro”. With that being said, one side of the business will  be dedicated to serving bubble tea and waffle desserts.

The other side will be a cat petting area where patrons can pay an admission to come and spend time with rescue cats and potentially adopt one if they are the right fit.

The concept is very similar to a cafe in Tokyo known as “Temari no Ouchi.”

The cafe’s owners are partnering with one of the Lower Mainland’s largest rescue organizations, Cat Therapy & Rescue, and “showcasing some of their most socialized cats in our cafe setting and allowing patrons to spend time with them and potentially find one to adopt.”

Catoro Cafe has set up a GoFundMe page to help their business come to life. It’s anticipated to open doors by April 2019.

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