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Opinion: Vancouver Should Get An Alpaca Cafe

Alpaca Cafe

In a city that loves its four-legged friends, it is no wonder that Catfe is a hit.

As a place where cat owners may bring their furry companions, people are able to spend extra time with their purring pals. What’s more, the cafe works with the BCSPCA and has some kitties available for adoption.

Even the internationally acclaimed singer Adele visited the charming cafe and its feline folk last year when she was in Vancouver.

Now, some Metro Vancouver locals think that cats aren’t the only animals that should have a cafe. An alpaca craze is slowly spreading across the globe, and Vancouver is growing fond of the adorable animals.

Alpaca Cafe

A farm in Langley hosts a flock of the impossibly soft creatures that are available to visit and pet. In addition, they offer all sorts of alpaca products: from sweaters to socks, figurines to keychains, there are a litany of lovely alpaca offerings.

An eatery on Vancouver Island already offers goats as part of its eccentric appeal. They graze peacefully on the roof overhead as visitors enjoy a drink or a snack, and it is very popular.

Alpaca Cafe Craze

Taiwan already has an Alpaca cafe that has garnered a great deal international attention. It is also a hit with locals.

While llamas have a bit of a viscous streak, alpacas tend to be incredibly sweet. They make an ideal fit for a cafe because they are friendly and undeniably charming.

The “alpaca selfie” has taken Instagram by storm. Indeed, anyone who visits the cafe in Taiwan takes a photo with the cuddly critters; however, just about any human who finds themselves near one, whether its in Peru or Langley, seems compelled to capture the moment with a picture.

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Do you think that Vancouver should get an alpaca cafe? Could some proceeds go to protecting animals? Could the cafe take in animals of all kinds that are abused? 

Sound off in the comments below!

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