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This Magical Island In BC Has A Network Of Whimsical Sandstone Caves

British Columbia / Secret Places In BC

Photo: @jamesstevensonphoto / Instagram

One of the most magical places on earth is just a ferry ride away from Vancouver, and it continues to stun visitors with its diverse beauty.

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Galiano Island is home to some incredible geological formations, pristine forests, and a range of wildlife. You’ll be able to spot curious deer in the woods, majestic orca whales in the ocean, and numerous species of birds overhead.

The forests are green and lush, and sprawl over the island’s breathtaking terrain. Lined with sandstone, the formations on the shores of this oasis are incredible.

Limestone Caves
Photo: D G Brown / Flickr

As sandstonestone erodes over centuries it creates some truly mesmerizing patterns. Some of the shores even appear man-made, with artistically calculated precision and planning.

Galiano Island’s Sandstone Caves

Then there are the caves. These magnificent structures are truly a sight to behold. With their creamy sides worn to smooth curves, the sandstone caves are enchanting places to stroll through.

With such awe-inspiring beauty, it isn’t hard to see how the caves are a social media sensation. Numerous shots of the dazzling hollows appear on Instagram, with people taking snaps off them during sunset, or when the sun’s rays hit them just right.

There many magical places to discover on British Columbia’s islands, including a rope swing at the end of a hike on Vancouver Island and a triple tumbling waterfall.

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