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Black Vancouver Is Hosting a Freedom From Hate March On June 19

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After two protests against racial injustice, Black Vancouver is planning a freedom against hate march.

The rally is set for Friday, June 19th, which is also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day.

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Though Canadian, we cannot ignore the direct ties that many of our citizens have with our neighbouring Americans below; this makes the celebration of Juneteenth just as important for us as it is for them,” states a press release.


March Route, Details

The event will kick off at 4 pm at Jack Poole Plaza, where volunteers will hand out Black Lives Matter T-shirts. The event will conclude at Sunset Beach.

Here’s the march route:

vancouver freedom march juneteenthFollowing the march, a stage will be set up at Sunset Beach Park where Black artists and speakers will be performing and addressing the crowd. Black-owned businesses will also be at the site to showcase local Black culture, soul food and more.

Organizers add that the T-shirts are a way to “keep sparking conversations once people head home to their own communities, circles and families.”

Vancouver has held two rallies recently, which brought out thousands of people to support the ongoing movements happening across the U.S. 

If you can’t physically attend the upcoming protest, there are other ways you can give back. For example, there are many local Black and anti-racist organizations that you can donate to.

Black Vancouver has suggested other ways to support the community, as well.

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