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The Best Ramen in Richmond

Here is a little secret. Wonderful ramen experiences can be found outside the West End. Beyond the proliferation of shops in the West End, there is a ramen world ready to be discovered. Richmond has its slew of popular shops that offer a range of dining experiences. From casual hole-in-the-walls to modern chain eateries, the next time you are feeling like eating ramen, head to Richmond for a taste of something new.


G-men Ramen

Known for their authentic tonkotsu pork soup and casual atmosphere, G-men diligent attention to flavour means they simmer pork and chicken bones for hours before adding in the vegetables. A simple menu that offers 6 signature bowls and add-on’s, G-men also offers tapas that include sashimi and fried dishes.

Yah Yah Ya Ramen

A mere ten minutes from the Aberdeen Centre stop on the Canada Line SkyTrain is Yah Yah Ya Ramen. A shop originally founded in Japan in the 1970s, Yah Yah Ya opened its first North American location right in Richmond 3 years ago. Known for its iekei ramen with a soy sauce soup base along with boiled pork and chicken bone, Yah Yah Ya also offers specifications like how soft or hard you want your noodles to taste.


Sanpoutei Ramen


Another shop that comes all the way from Japan, Sanpoutei is a stylish gem that opened up last January in one of Richmond’s mini-strip malls. An elegant open space with minimal separation between the kitchen and dining area, Sanpoutei’s claim to fame is they make both their soup and noodles in-house. You can even see the cooks hard at work in the noodle room.



Open 7 days a week, Gyo-O means the “fish king” in Japanese, a fitting name with a seafood-inspired menu of donburi, ramen and udon dishes. Gyo-O is a quirky-looking place with the writing on the wall literally; wooden boards with Japanese written all over it span the distance of the four walls. Popular items include the seafood yukke don and the takoyaki. They offer hot and cold dishes including a lobster ramen.


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