Carrying A Weapon Will Land You A Lifetime Ban From the Granville Strip


For decades, countless criminal acts have been committed on Vancouver’s Granville strip.

Now, the City of Vancouver plans to update the municipal Liquor Policy to include more patio seating, extend hours and have live music go on later at night for the Granville Street Entertainment District.

As a result, people worried that the additional hours, as well as outside seating, may increase an already volatile atmosphere. Furthermore, fights and fatalities have increased each year substantially.

On January 31st, hundreds gathered on Granville and Davie to attend a candlelit vigil for slain nightclub worker Kalwinder Thind. Thind was only 23 years old when he tried to break up a fight in Cabana nightclub and tragically lost his life.

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Barwatch “Code Of Conduct”

In response, the Vancouver Police Department and Barwatch created a plan to combat the crisis. On Monday, May 14th, they drew up a “code of conduct” for the area.

The goal of this program is to discourage, and ultimately prevent, patrons from engaging in unlawful and uncivil behaviour that endangers other patrons, staff, and police within and outside licensed establishments.

The key component of this program is the voluntary participation of the bar owners and operators and the sharing of information.

Fighting, verbal abuse, harassment, unwanted physical contact, drink tampering, theft or bringing concealed liquor into any of Bar Watch’s venues will result in a year-long ban. In addition, those bringing weapons into venues will be barred for life.

There are approximately thirty venues under Vancouver’s Barwatch jurisdiction.

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