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An American Was Illegally Floating Down A B.C. River Naked To Avoid Police

Photo: BC RCMP

As the Canada-U.S. border remains closed, it seems people are getting more creative in crossing over. One recent incident included a U.S. man who tried to evade border agents by floating down a B.C. river.

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The incident happened on July 24th when American authorities contacted Grand Forks RCMP to advise them that a stolen vehicle had entered B.C.


Apparently, U.S. officials deployed a spike belt, but the suspect continued to drive on and rammed through the barriers at the border. He then fled on foot into Canada.

RCMP spotted the suspect again later that day and tried to arrest him. After resisting arrest, the man jumped into the Kettle River, where he floated naked for 2.5 hours.

RCMP were eventually able to track the man down by walking along both sides of the river. When the river narrowed, an RCMP officer, along with others, were able to wade into the river and escort the man back to shore.

He was then taken into custody and turned over to the Canada Border Service Agency.

RCMP have recently charged U.S. boaters who did not follow Canada’s Quarantine Act.

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