The #1 Hike In The World Is Here In BC And Includes Cool Cable Cars

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West Coast Trail

There’s no place like home. Well, at least for residents of beautiful British Columbia.

Those who call this province home experience some of mother nature’s most incredible displays. From soaring, white-capped mountains to shinning, turquoise lakes, BC’s backyard is filled with stunning vistas.

And, for those wishing to explore, Vancouver Island is home to some incredible terrain. In fact, the island has more caves than anywhere else in North America. Complete with hidden waterfalls, ancient fossils, crystalline formations and so much more, these caverns transport you into another world.

In addition to fascinating geological formations, the island also provides visitors with the opportunity to embark on one of the most incredible hikes in the world. According to, the West Coast Trail is the #1 hike across the globe.

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West Coast Trail

It isn’t hard to see why people are so captivated by this amazing hike. While challenging, the 47 mile backpacking adventure offers some profoundly beautiful scenery. From tumbling waterfalls to lush, green forests, stretches of awe-inspiring beach to impossibly tall trees, the journey leaves an imprint on the soul.

What’s more, this five to seven day hike truly is an adventure. Travellers must wade through rivers, negotiate steep slopes, climb ladders and use cable cars. With that in mind, the payoff is huge; however, hikers should prepare for slippery conditions, wooden surfaces, boulders and rocky shorelines. Also, this hike shouldn’t be attempted alone.

There many magical places to discover on Vancouver Island. A couple include: a rope swing at the end of a hike on Vancouver Island and a triple tumbling waterfall.

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