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You Can Now Publicly Drink In These Port Coquitlam Spots

Port Coquitlam public drinking

Photo: Helena Lopes / Pexels

Port Coquitlam is yet another Metro Vancouver city to legalize drinking in some public spaces.

The city announced on Friday they’re launching their “Responsible Drinking Pilot” over four months.

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“This change will give our residents that are gathering with friends and families for a picnic or celebrating a special occasion the opportunity to enjoy a beverage outdoors safely and responsibly,” Mayor Brad West said in a press release.


But public drinking will only be allowed in seven parks, from dawn to dusk. Those spots are:

  • Castle
  • part of Settlers
  • Gates
  • Lions
  • Aggie
  • Evergreen
  • Cedar Drive

The Port Coquitlam pilot project is in place until Halloween, where “staff will report back to Council with a recommendation.”

The City of North Vancouver recently passed public drinking in some areas, while White Rock and the City of Vancouver recently passed the motion as well.

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