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Join The Greater Vancouver Zoo’s Fight To Save The Western Painted Turtle

Greater Vancouver Zoo / western painted turtle

Photo: Kenny Tai / 604 Now

Celebrate animals and conservation this August at the Greater Vancouver Zoo.

At the Zoo, A doesn’t simply stand for August; it stands for Animals, Anniversary, and Advocacy.

Every weekend, guests can learn about conservation efforts, celebrate the Zoo’s 48th birthday, and experience enrichment activities for the animals.

On 18-19 August be here to celebrate the Zoo’s 48th birthday, where guests can learn about the Zoo’s fight to save the western painted turtle. There will be behind the scenes tours available to see the turtle hatchlings, as well as a conservation talk focused on preserving the endangered species. In addition, team members are available to answer all your questions!

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All through August when you donate $10 or more to the Greater Vancouver Zoo’s conservation efforts, you will receive a special edition Western Painted Turtle “We’ve got Your Back” t-shirt.

Guests are encouraged to decorate their t-shirts. The design is based off the western painted turtle, and provides plenty of room to paint a unique design on the shell. Get involved at the painting party on August 18th and 19th!

Afterwards, guests can share their masterpiece with the Zoo on social media to be entered in the t-shirt decorating competition!

Western Painted Turtle

As the last remaining native pond turtle in BC, it is named after the bright yellow stripes on its head, neck, tail and legs, and the glowing red on its plastron (shell covering the belly) and under-edge of its carapace (shell covering the back). In addition, Painted turtles can grow to over a foot in length!

Specifically, there are two populations of the Western Painted Turtle: the Intermountain – Rocky Mountain Population in the southern interior and Pacific Coast Population in the southwest.

Greater Vancouver Zoo / Western Painted Turtle
Photo: Kenny Tai / 604 Now

Since 2006, the Pacific Coast Population of Western Painted Turtles has been listed as endangered. The Intermountain – Rocky Mountain Population of the Western Painted Turtle is listed as Special Concern.

In response, the Greater Vancouver Zoo has been actively participating in taking eggs from emergency locations and bringing them back to be incubated.

The British Columbia Western Painted Turtle Working Group has been recognized for their work with a Carcnet Silver Salamander Award. The award is presented to an individual or an organization in recognition of a specific contribution to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles in Canada.

Greater Vancouver Zoo / Western Painted Turtle
Photo: Kenny Tai / 604 Now

Greater Vancouver Zoo – Decorate Your T-Shirt and Win

Join the Zoo on August 18th and 19th for a painting party, or decorate your t-shirt at home, but be sure to share the finished t-shirt! The winner will receive a Family Night in the Wild Sleepover at the Zoo (2 adults, 3 children). How to enter:

  • Donate $10 or more to the GVZoo and receive a Western Painted Turtle t-shirt.
  • Decorate your Western Painted Turtle – We’ve Got Your Back T-shirt.
  • Upload your photo to the Zoo’s Facebook page or tag them on Instagram.
  • Entries are welcome until August 27th. One entry per person.
  • The Zoo will select the top 5 t-shirt designs and announce the 5 finalists on September 4th, 2018.
  • Guests will be able to vote for their favourite t-shirt on Facebook and Instagram until September 7th.


To learn more about the Greater Vancouver Zoo or to purchase tickets online, head here.


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