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7 Things To Do At The Greater Vancouver Zoo This August

Greater Vancouver Zoo

Photo: Greater Vancouver Zoo

August is here, and the Greater Vancouver Zoo is celebrating with a whole month of summer fun. At the zoo, A isn’t just for August – it’s for Animals, Anniversary, and Advocacy.

Throughout the month, guests have the opportunity to learn about and support the Zoo’s conservation efforts. In addition, they’ll get to celebrate its 48th birthday, as well as experience special editions of Keeper Talks focusing on a key conservation story of a specific animal each week with an accompanying enrichment activity.

Things To Do At The Greater Vancouver Zoo

Animal Anniversary Palooza

On the August 18th – 19th weekend, the zoo is celebrating its 48th birthday! They are filling the days with non-stop   animal fun. There will be a ton of activities that you won’t want to miss including a bouncy castle and live music. With a purchase of a package of vouchers, you and your family can have access to all these activities and more.

On this special weekend, they are also hosting a turtle t-shirt painting party where you can decorate your “We’ve Got Your Back” t-shirt to help them celebrate the release of their western painted turtles, an important conservation project at the zoo.

Keeper Talks

greater vancouver zoo
Photo: Kenny Tai / 604 Now

Keeper Talks are a unique and engaging way for guests to connect with the Zoo’s animals. Each one is spotlighted through a day in the life of the Keepers and 15 animals out of the Zoo’s 140 different species, large and small. Examples include cheetah, giraffe, lemur, and zebra.

While the Keeper Talks are interesting, there’s nothing quite like getting to meet one of the Zoo’s fascinating creatures. As such, the reptile meet and greet offers an exciting opportunity to get up close and personal with a unique creature. There are talks scheduled every half hour, so there’s always something exciting to discover at the Zoo!

Ride the Train

All aboard! The Zoo recently reopened its beloved train so be sure to take a journey. After working tirelessly with local businesses including Industrial Engine, Alder Steel, and Burrard Inlet Rail to refurbish the train, it is now open to the Zoo’s enthusiastic train-loving guests.

You can purchase tickets at the entrance admission stand.

Zoo Sleepover (Night in the Wild)

You can experience the sights and sounds of the zoo by starlight with an exciting Night in the Wild with your family and friends. From campfires, to wild animals and guided tours, bring your sleeping bag and enjoy as this will certainly be a night to remember.

Get a Western Painted Turtle T-Shirt

All through August when you donate $10 or more to the Greater Vancouver Zoo, you will receive a special edition Western Painted Turtle “We’ve got Your Back” t-shirt. As such, you’ll support the Zoo’s local conservation efforts, including the western painted turtle and Oregon spotted frog recovery programs.

Greater Vancouver Zoo
Photo: Kenny Tai / 604 Now

What’s more, you decorate it! The design is based off the Western Painted Turtle so it gives you lots of room to paint a unique design on the shell.  When you are done, share your masterpiece with the Zoo on social media to be entered in their t-shirt decorating competition!

Special Editions of Keeper Talks

Each week of August the Zoo will showcase one of its animals and its conservation story. 1.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and 2.30pm on statutory holidays the Keepers will give conservation themed talks about each week’s featured animal. You will gain special insights about each animals’ backgrounds and personality. Afterwards stick around to watch the animals engage in an enrichment activity designed to appeal to all their natural senses.

The theme of each week is as follows:

  • August 4-6: Black Bear Cubs, enclosure 21
  • August 11-12: Giraffes, enclosure 28
  • August 18-19: Western Painted Turtle, picnic area
  • August 24-25, Oregon Spotted Frog, Vivarium
  • September 1-3, Cougar Cubs, enclosure 22A

Win Once-in-a-Lifetime Zoo Experiences  

The Zoo is also giving guests a chance to win once-in-a-lifetime zoo experiences through three different contests! With weekly quizzes, t-shirt decorating competitions, and photo contests there are many chances for you to win big! Learn more about contest details on their website.

Be sure to visit the Greater Vancouver Zoo this August to celebrate all animals and to join in on the activities, you won’t want to miss out.


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