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The Greater Vancouver Zoo Welcomes A Charming New Giraffe

Greater Vancouver Zoo

Photo: Greater Vancouver Zoo

The Greater Vancouver Zoo is proud to introduce a new giraffe, Jenga, to its wild family.

Jenga was born on May 1st, 2016 at the Africa Lion Safari in Ontario. Fun fact: he actually shares the same father as the Zoo’s other Baringo Giraffe, Pompey. So, they are brothers!  He is a Baringo/Rothchild Giraffe, which is native Eastern-South Sudan, South-Western Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.

Sadly, only 1,671 of this sub-species remains in the wild due to encroachment and poaching. As a result, the zoo is committed to ensuring the survival of these unique and beautiful animals.

The Greater Vancouver Zoo
Photo: The Greater Vancouver Zoo

Jenga’s new home includes a variety of trees and shrubs that replicate his natural habitat. In the wild, these grazers feed on surrounding shrubbery, and he will be fed a healthy diet of alfalfa, tree leaves, grass, as well as fruit.  A new shelter was created for him in the main field, which includes a catwalk ramp and adjustable sliding doors to allow the Zoo’s team to adjust room size to Jenga’s liking.

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Greater Vancouver Zoo

The Greater Vancouver Zoo
Photo: The Greater Vancouver Zoo

In addition, he will share his new home with Pompey. Companionship is vital to the health as well as vitality of giraffes, and therefore this new bond will enrich both of their lives. With that being said, a caregiver was required to slowly introduce the two, in order to ensure that they were were healthy and ready to meet. The tall herbivores are now bonding and can enjoy shared activities and play.  

Be here at the Greater Vancouver Zoo to see how Jenga’s and Pompey’s friendship and brotherhood develops!

To learn more about the Greater Vancouver Zoo or to purchase tickets online, head here.


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