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Warm Summer Weather Will Return To Metro Vancouver This Week

Vancouver Weather

Photo: Conrad Olson / Flickr

After a couple of notably gloomy days, Vancouver weather is predicted to warm up and the skies to clear.

While the weather won’t reach the hot temperatures that the city saw in early September, the skies will be clear and the weather will get much warmer over the next few days.


The forecast for Tuesday, September 26th calls for mostly sunny skies with very few cloudy periods. The temperature will reach a high of 19°C during the day and cool down to 13°C in the evening.

Vancouver Weather
Photo: Environment Canada

On Wednesday the skies will clear up even further, and the temperature will rise to a high of 21°C during the day. The forecast calls for even warmer weather on Thursday, with a high of 22°C during the day.

Vancouver Weather Calls For Rain During The Weekend

Unfortunately, the weather is predicted to get a lot wetter over the weekend. The forecast is calls for a 60% chance showers throughout the day and the evening on Friday. The temperature will reach a high of 17°C during the day and cool down to 13°C at night.

The weekend calls for even cooler weather, with temperatures falling to 9°C during the evening on Saturday night.

Rain is predicted to continue all weekend long, so be sure to pack your umbrella when you head out.

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