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Vancouver’s New Voxel Bridge Is Now Open and It Looks Fun

Photo: Vancouver Biennale

Cambie Street Bridge has a new digital and artistic makeover that is a true combination of art and technology.

The underside of the bridge has been transformed into the digital world of Voxel Bridge. This is Vancouver Biennale’s latest public art work installation. Using augmented reality (AR) and blockchain technology the space will become an interactive 3-D world.

The digital space is built around the bridge deck, around the columns, and underfoot on the sidewalk from West 2nd to the parking-lot road. Viewing the space in combination with their app will bring the artwork to life.

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What Exactly is Voxel Bridge?

This is an 18,000 sq-ft immersive installation by New York-based, Colombian artist Jessica Angel.

The artwork itself explores how public space can be constructed and utilized in both digital and physical realities. She aims to create a visual connection between technology and the structure of the Cambie Street bridge.

voxel bridge
Photo: Vancouver Biennale – 3D model of the completed installation

“It’ll be like you’re standing in the middle of a circuit board,” she said. “At the same time, the visual perception will be slightly off. It’s like an optical illusion. You feel the ground is not quite where it’s supposed to be.”

As the first layer is the vinyl overlay. The second will require users to download a Vancouver Biennale app. With the app you will be able to see digital objects that appear to float around and interact. Visitors will use their phone to scan various markers, and it will activate different animations around the site.

The app launched on August 10th and is accessible to anyone with a smartphone, iPad or tablet.

First Look at the Bridge


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Voxel Bridge

When: Summer 2021 – 2023

Where: Underneath Cambie Street Bridge South in Vancouver


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