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Vancouver Ranks Third For Bed Bugs In Canadian Cities

Bed Bugs

This isn’t a competition we wanted to rank highly in.  

Vancouver was just named the third most infested city for bed bugs in a nationwide list.

Orkin, a pest control company, just put out a list naming the top cities across Canada for bedbug infestations. They based the number of residential and commercial infestation treatments used in these cities as a measure of which ones had the biggest issues.


Luckily, Vancouver didn’t come in first place. Toronto came in first with Winnipeg following just behind them.

Other Metro Vancouver cities that made the top 25: Surrey, at 20th, and Burnaby at 21st.

Preventing Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, to put it bluntly, are survivors. They have the capacity to hitchhike from a bed into luggage and travel great distances, thus infecting the next place the traveler takes them.  

In order to avoid infection, always keep luggage off of bedding in hotels and use plastic bags to protect clothing. Metal clothing racks are also impossible for the critters to climb and therefore are a good preventative measure.

The Survey was conducted between July 1st, 2016 and June 30th, 2017.

Hopefully, this is one list Vancouver can stay off of next year.

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