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Christy Clark Announces That She Is Finished With Politics

Christy Clark


That’s a wrap, folks.

Christy Clark says that her career in politics is over, for good. She told reporters on Monday, July 31st, that it had been an honour to serve as Premier; however, she is completely finished serving in a political role.


The Province’s Mike Smyth noted in a recent article that the feeling amongst members of the BC Liberals was that of sadness yet considerable relief. While she’s made extraordinary advancements for the party at large, such as huge campaign successes in the past, the current situation leaves much to be desired.

Clark emphasized that she knew her time was up. The election in May was telling, and things haven’t felt right since. She feels that the party will require fresh leadership in order to succeed in the future. 

She added that she isn’t sure what she is going to do now.

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