These Adorable Dogs Probably Enjoyed The Snow Day More Than You (VIDEOS)

Snow dogs Vancouver

As the snow causes chaos for drivers and Vancouverites alike, there is one being who has been loving it: Dogs.

Wednesday was the city’s first full-on snow day with 20 cm of it accumulating yesterday alone. Schools and highways closed and buses and trains nearly stopped working all together. While most people are back to it on Thursday, the snow is very present.

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While much of Vancouver acts as though it won’t make it out alive during winter, some dogs dove headfirst into the snow piles.

Much of the city took a snow day and stayed home from work Wednesday, and that was great news for people’s canine friends. Look at how happy they are!

The snow is starting to clear up, but it’s not going to be a quick fix. So, why don’t we take a lesson from these snow dogs and learn to enjoy it a little more?

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