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11 Places To Visit If You Wake Up With a Hangover in Vancouver

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It’s always good to have options for a hangover cure in Vancouver. Regardless of how often (or rare) you’ll need it.

And other than water and sleep, sometimes you need is a good hangover meal.

So we are rounding up some the most recommended spots around Vancouver to cure your next hangover.

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11 Places To Try When You Are Hungover

Juke’s Fried Chicken

Imagine eating one of the best fried chicken dishes in the entire city, coupled with waffles and a kick…now if that doesn’t cure your hangover, nothing will.

Address: 182 Keefer St, Vancouver


Red Wagon Cafe


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With brunch options until 2:30 p.m. we suggest the pulled pork with pancakes, or brisket with cornbread, or a super trucker breakfast with pulled pork, pork belly and eggs. You will be snoozing and cruising after this meal.

Address: 2128 East Hastings Street, Vancouver

Slickity Jim’s


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This is a breakfast haven, and has an option for everyone. Whether it’s. loads of cheese, ribs, killer omelettes, signature hash, or any of their many benny’s, you will get your fix of good food and grub here. Recommend the breakfast burger, or voodoo eggs, or short rib benny.

Address: 3475 Main Street, Vancouver

Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe

Since 1988, Sophie’s has been a fun place to grab a hearty meal and fill up your bellies. Either a classic Sophie’s Steak and Eggs, or benedicts, or eggs rancheros will do the trick. However, there are so many good options on the menu so there is something for everyone.

Address: 2095 W 4th Ave, Vancouver

Jam Cafe


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Serving all-day breakfast and lunch, you can’t go wrong when nursing a hangover here. It’s a classic place to see people out way past bedtime the night before. Some major hits on a rough day include chicken French toast or pulled pork pancakes, but you really can’t go wrong with all options. We dare you not to try the cinnamon bun pancakes… yum.

Address: 556 Beatty Street, Vancouver or 2153 West 4th, Vancouver

Cafe Medina


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Brunch and breakfast is what they do best, but we warn you… it’s extremely delicious and addictive food. Get the Harissa burger with eggs and beef and spice, or paella with eggs (very popular), or share a Wolves breakfast with two with all the fixings and sausages, and more.

Address: 780 Richards St, Vancouver

Eggs & Co


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This place is the brunch king of Fraser Street with dishes such as chicken and waffles, stellar Avocado toast with runny egg yolk, or spaghetti with eggs and bacon… there is nothing short of amazing and a perfect cure.

Address: 4245 Fraser Street, Vancouver

The Parlour


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When you have been drinking the night before some of the best items are pizza or breakfast foods, so why not put it together. This pizza place in Yaletown has benedict pizzas (yes egg on pizza) and a number of other breakfast creations that are to die for.

Address: 1011 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

Deacon’s Corner


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Bowls of hash with runny egg yolk or a giant brioche bun burger with two sunny-side eggs on it? It’s no wonder Deacon’s is a popular brunch spot and known to harbour the hangover yielding folks. One of the most popular burgers, the Big Mountie will likely take good care of you, but there are plenty of options here.

Address: 101 Main Street, Vancouver or 3189 W Broadway, Vancouver

DownLow Chicken


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Open daily from 11:00 a.m. this well known fried chicken joint had become popular due its signature Nashville style, that can be made as hot as you like it. Try their sandos (massive sandwiches) made to order and get an add-on fried egg to hit the spot. You can also get fully loaded fries from their “secret menu” called “Fries on the DownLow.”

Address: 905 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Cafe Zen on Yew


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This little cafe is a great place to grab breakfast or lunch, especially when you need something delicious and comforting. With 10 different types of bennies, and 8 different omelette options, you may forget there are also unique options like oven-baked eggs, chicken and waffles or a breakfast poutine. This is definitely a spot to try on your next hangover.

Address: 1631 Yew Street, Vancouver

The Score on Davie


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They say (well some people do) that the best cure for a hangover is to start drinking again. One of the best cocktails to do so is a Caesar. The Score is known for its massive take on Caesars, which come with a whole meal. Get all your pub fixings for grease and cheese and substance while drinking the classic hangover drink.

Address: 1262 Davie Street, Vancouver


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