6 Wild Drinks To Try Before The Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival Is Over (PHOTOS)

Vancouver hot chocolate festival 2021

This year the Hot Chocolate Festival is not disappointing or holding back in terms of creativity.

In fact, many vendors are getting extra creative with take-out cups, showing that a pandemic can’t stop people from enjoying a really good cup of cocoa.

On now, until February 14th, there are 87 flavours to try at 39 different places.

Here are just some of the amazing creations to try:

Tik Choc

This drink is dedicated to all things TikTok with hot chocolate featuring cereal, Valrhona’s Ivoire 35% and maple whipped cream. In addition, it boosts a stack of mini pancakes on top.

Where to find it: Soirette

Mauna Loa


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This drink offers 70% dark hot chocolate with a hint of maple chilli bacon seasoned with cayenne pepper and paired with a volcano-shaped brownie.

Where to find it: Honolulu Coffee

Strawberry Ruby Hot Bomb


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If you love watching hot chocolate melt and seeing marshmallows pop up to the top of your drink you will love this. It’s served with a white chocolate base made up of strawberry flavours.

Where to find it: Caffe Artigiano Edgemont Village for $7.50

That’s My Jam

If your peanut butter and jelly sandwich was transformed into a drink, this is what it would taste like. The bakery mixes peanut butter hot chocolate with whipped strawberry ganache and serves it with a peanut butter fancier dipped in strawberry chocolate.

Where to find it: Beaucoup Bakery & Café

Eclair Hot Chocolate

Let your taste buds dive into dark Valrhona hot chocolate topped with mini marshmallows and served with a frozen whipped milk chocolate ganache éclair. ⠀

Where to find it: La Glace Ice Cream Vancouver



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This raspberry inspired drink consists of white chocolate, rose infusion topped with chantilly cream, and sprinkled with rose meringue. As a bonus, it comes with a rose macaron on top

Where to find it: Ladurée Canada

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