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Metro Vancouver Gas Prices Are On The Rise Again

vancouver gas prices

Vancouver gas prices are on the rise once again.

As of Monday morning, gas prices are hovering around 147.9 per litre at some stations in Vancouver. Over in Surrey, prices are closer to 145.9 per litre.


According to GasBuddy.com, the increase in gas prices is due to two refineries in Washington State currently closed for spring maintenance.

Yet, prices will continue to rise further at the pump.

On April 1st, a price hike for the provincial carbon tax will take effect. As a result, this will add a 1.14 cents a litre increase for British Columbians when they fill up their vehicles.

In 2018, the first of four annual carbon tax increases took place.

It’s a move by the government that many environmentalists support. On the contrary, the move has also drawn plenty of opposition from drivers who now have to dig deeper into their wallets.

Earlier last week, some gas stations posted prices of 150.1 per litre and experts predict more increases in the coming weeks.


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