Vancouver Convention Centre Is Turning Into A Hospital During COVID-19

Vancouver Convention Centre

The Vancouver Convention Centre is being prepared to turn into a makeshift hospital, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The move is in preparation for a possible surge of COVID-19 cases, with 271 beds being added at the convention centre.

[Updated: March 31, 2020]

The provincial government is calling on B.C. cities to offer up venues to use as makeshift hospitals. And among the possible venues is Vancouver Convention Centre.

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Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth announced, Thursday, that the government would be contacting cities to potentially convert venues into medical spaces.

This is part of the government’s response plan, after announcing B.C. is under a provincial State of Emergency.

A number of property developers have already contacted Vancouver city hall. They’re offering up vacant lots for health officials to use as they need.

As of earlier this week, there are 4,296 vacant hospital beds across B.C. Of the total COVID-19 cases, 81 people are currently being hospitalized, with 52 of those requiring intensive care.

The Vancouver Convention Centre may be one of many convention centres used world-wide to help COVID-19 patients.

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