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Vancouver Has The Highest Gas Prices in the Country

Vancouver gas prices

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You may have noticed that Vancouver gas prices have been sky rocketing.

The price of gasoline across Canada has jumped in the past couple of weeks. However, Vancouver gas prices seem to be the highest in the country. 

According to Statistics Canada, by the end of January 2021, Vancouver’s gas prices was 134.6 cents/litre, the highest in the country.

Victoria was second with 128 cents/litre. The lowest gas price reported was in Edmonton, Alberta with 100.9 cents/litre. 


While the average gas price by province is highest in B.C. at 136.2 cents/litre, the lowest provincial average is actually in Saskatchewan at 111.6 cents/litre. 

Looking at B.C. as a whole, we have seen that in a month’s time the gas prices have gone up 0.13 cents: 1.35 cents/litre on January 25 to 1.48 cents/litre on February 22. 

Vancouver gas prices B.C. chart
Photo: GlobalPetrolPrices.com

Gas Prices During COVID-19 in B.C. 

It’s interesting to see how the average of gas prices have evolved since the pandemic. When looking at the averages during the pandemic and compared to now, we found that:

  • B.C. Average During 2020: 1.33 cents/litre
  • B.C. Average in January 2021: 1.42 cents/litre
  • B.C. Average in February 2021: 1.48 cents/litre

The trend seems to be going upwards. Experts expect that it will reach 1.70 cents/litre by summer. 

B.C. Compared To Canada’s Averages

When comparing the B.C. averages to Canada as a whole, one can see we are comparably higher: 

  • Canadian Average During 2020: 1.27 cents/litre
  • Canadian Average in January 2021: 1.35 cents/litre
  • Canadian Average in February 2021: 1.39 cents/litre

One thing is for sure, though people are travelling less, gas prices seem to be soaring.


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