Vancouver Didn’t Do Well at Social Distancing This Past Weekend (Photos)

Social Distancing Failures

Vancouverites didn’t do so well at complying with social distancing, this past weekend, as many still gathered in groups.

Vancouver recently called a State of Emergency and ordered bars and restaurants in the city to close. The city also closed recreation centres, libraries and playgrounds to discourage social gatherings.

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So, while the rest of us did our due diligence by practising social distancing, others did the opposite.

Many people gathered at beaches across Vancouver this week, where they had picnics, hung out and played volleyball and other games.

Social Distance Fails

Photo: Twitter

The amount of people out at beaches was enough for the Vancouver Park Board to close all parking lots around high-traffic areas like Kitsilano beach. This went into effect Monday.

People are still allowed to go out for walks and enjoy the sun, but they must keep at least two metres apart. That means it’s probably best to avoid highly populated areas. Activities like picnics and playing volleyball are a big don’t.

This will become especially crucial as City Council meets Monday to discuss repercussions for those who do not comply with social distancing.

So far, B.C. has 472 cases of COVID-19, while Canada has more than 2,000 cases.

“Enough is enough,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said during a press conference Monday. “Staying home is your way to serve.”

Did you practice social distancing this past weekend?

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