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United May Be First Airline To Bring Concorde-Like Supersonic Jets to YVR

united airlines supersonic jet

Photo: @boomsupersonic / Facebook

The future of air travel may have just gotten a whole lot faster.

United Airlines wants to take air travel to new heights by buying supersonic passenger jets to add to its fleet. These supersonic jets are expected to travel at speeds of Mach 1.7.

This will cut the travel time for long-distance flights in half. To give you a better idea, a flight like one from Toronto to London which usually takes 7 hours to complete, will now happen within 4 hours or less.

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United Airlines Supersonic Jets

These jets are being designed to be more efficient and environmentally-friendly. The aircrafts will be net-zero carbon and fly on sustainable aviation fuel.

United airlines says it plans to get 15 brand-new Overture aircrafts from a company called Boom Supersonic. These jets have not yet been built, but the company thinks they may be ready by 2029.

The deal with Boom makes United Airlines the first to run supersonic jet flights since the days of the Concorde (which stopped in 2003).

The differences between the Concorde jets and the Overture are:

  • will not be as loud
  • 75% cheaper to operate the Overture
  • lighter fuselages
  • savings can allow both economy and premium seats (not as expensive to fly)

The first prototype is being targeted to take flight either late 2021 or early 2022.

Once approved and crafted for 2029, YVR will have their chance to book seats on these supersonic jets.


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