Air Canada Is Offering Flights As Low As $114 Right Now

flights with covid-19

For those ready to travel, the deals are lining up.

Canadian airlines are said to be “gearing up” to stir up interest in domestic travel once restrictions start lifting these coming months.

In fact, Air Canada has already started offering dirt cheap rates to drum up business for summer and fall. These are record low rates, which is often unseen for domestic travel from the West to the East coast.

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As of June 2, the posted rate for a some one-way flights on the Air Canada site starts as low as $114. This includes flights from Toronto to Vancouver, and between Calgary and Ottawa. These low rates are in effect from June to December.

However, rates are subject to change and there is a warning on the website to check with Government guidelines prior to booking.

Other airlines have also been seen to jump on to the cheap flight offerings. WestJet has been seen to be offering cheap flights within Canada, as well as Flair airlines.

So if you are planning on going on a trip or to visit family in Canada later this year, this may be a good time to start planning.


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