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Trudeau: We Could Be Sent “Back Into Confinement” By Summer If We Reopen Soon

Photo: GoToVan/Flickr

As provinces across Canada begin to reopen, prime minister Justin Trudeau warns it may send us “back into confinement.”

During a Saturday meeting, Trudeau warned the public that Canada is “not in the recovery phase yet.”

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“We are still in the emergency phase,” Trudeau said. “The vast majority of Canadians continue to need to be very careful.”


B.C. announced last week it would ease restrictions, allowing some businesses and parks to open, while letting people gather in groups of up to six.

But that has led to large groups gathering at beaches and other places around Vancouver, during the sunny weekend.

“I understand how much people do want to go outside, but we need to do it in ways that we are sure are going to keep people safe,” said Trudeau. “Because the last thing people want is a few weeks from now being told ‘OK we loosened the rules and now COVID is spreading again and you’re all going to have to go inside for the rest of the summer.'”

While B.C. has 2,330 cases of COVID-19, Canada as a whole has 69,905 cases.

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