Trudeau Makes It Clear Canada Won’t Open Borders Anytime Soon

Canada-U.S. border

Travelling this summer is still out of the question as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made it clear borders won’t open back up anytime soon.

During his daily press conference, Trudeau said he’s in no rush to lift travel restrictions, as public health is far more important than the economic challenges the tourism industry is facing right now.

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“I understand how difficult this is and how frustrating this is for some people, but we know that reopening too quickly or carelessly would lead to a resurgence that might well force us to go back into lockdown, to shut down the economy once again, and nobody wants that,” Trudeau said, Monday.

This message comes after companies, affected by the ban, released a letter urging the government to relax air travel restrictions.

Trudeau announced the Canada-U.S. border closure would see an extension until July 21st and there’s a chance it will be extended yet again.

Most Canadians would prefer to see it closed until the fall, as the number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. surpass two million.

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